12 People Who Would Love A Scratch Map

1. Traveling Youth

I remember when I was finishing college and was truly getting ready to face the world. I was aware of the world outside my own bubble and wanted to explore. Record every stop with a Scratch Map!

The age group of 20-30 make up a percentage of the population that have amazing experiences traveling. Typical the age group is on a shoestring budget but yet is so optimistic about just buying a plane ticket and making it happen.

They land on foreign soil and start to experience the destination as a local. Taxi to hotel, not a chance. Public transit to the hostel is all the budget allows. Now that is a learning experience.

2. Gap Year – Finding Yourself

A gap year can be an academic break but also exists in some workplaces or between employment opportunities. The phrase “a gap year” comes from the academic world as traditionally school starts once a year.

No worries, if you’re not a student, as the name states it is a much longer break than a vacation, but a “year” is just in the name, most people would adjust the break to suit their substance.

The extended time allows for more experiences and an opportunity to develop relationships.

3. Retired Travels – Grandma and Grandpa

Work keeps you very busy. So busy that statistics show that many people don’t use their vacation time, much more don’t even have any.

Many people say “I will have time to travel when I retire”. And many of them do, people are heather at older and older ages and enjoy many years of carefree globetrotting. Having a Scratch Map to illustrate and share is so much fun.

4. Teachers – Educational Tool

Being a teacher is a tough job. Teachers are always looking for new strategies and tools to use in the classroom to help a student learn and in turn being a successful teacher.

Student engagement has been a great strategy for years and finding an amazing prop can make the difference in a child’s life. A Scratch Map might be just what is needed to help with a tricky classroom.

5. Road Trip

Cheap and impulsive? Definitely an inexpensive way to see the country.

Impulsive not for you?

Plot your overall destination and leave lots of room and flexibility for roadside attractions and detours. Without a definite plan, adventure is always an approaching possibility. What will you do next time you hear
someone yell “ROAD TRIP!”

6. RV-ing, Trailers and Recreational vehicle

If you buy an RV, you take your road tripping to a level that many only dreams of. You have a rolling home, you never have to worry about a roof over your head.

What is the difference between a road trip and RVing?
RVing is decently a road trip, but you are not traveling light, I think it is more of an extended road trip.

7. Backpacking

Many people go looking for adventure with nothing but a backpack. What is the difference from a normal vacation? Well if you have everything you need to be packed in a backpack, you are traveling light, using a luggage bag that is easy to carry and overall helps you to be ready to move and surely have a different pillow under your head every night.

8. Hitchhiking

Backpacking and hitchhiking, what is the difference? Hitchhiking is one way to get to point A to point B, but some people push this to the extreme and hitchhike across the whole country for the sake of adventure.

I think a hitchhiker’s motivation is to spend time with locals (via a free ride) to talk about the area they are passing through, see the sights as they go.

9. Adventure Seekers and Bucket List

We have all seen a picture on the internet and thought to ourselves “I have to get there someday” or “I want to do that”. Welcome to the fun concept of making a bucket list. Next time you see a destination or activity you would like to do, why not start your own personal bucket list? It can be as crazy or realistic as you want, it is your list!

Bucket list give us something to look forward to, and how fun is it to check something off a bucket list! Too cool right?

10. Couples – “We Do Everything Together”

Being in a relationship is a process of building a bond and a life together. A lot of couples like to document major events and trips that then enjoy with their partner because these vacations grow their relationship bonds and make the partnership stronger. Let’s get excited about that next trip. Embrace the good times and reminisce as often as possible.

11. Business – Entrepreneur

Having a business and watching it grow, can bring a lot of pride to a person. Just think about it, they are watching their hard word take root and grow. With online business becoming evermore popular, your reach to customers spans the whole globe. This was not even a concept in the not so distant past.

Keep a list of all the states or countries you have served on a Scratch Off Map. It is a fun way to see your reach and encourage your growth.

12. Traveling Jobs – Sales People

For most of us travel is a vacation, but for some people, it is a job. I have met people in sales that travel the world on the company dime and get paid to do it. Working as a pilot of plane staff is also a way to really rack up the air miles and out of country experiences. They travel to every part of the world. Just a perk of the job I guess.


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