9 Best Scratch Off Maps Of The World – Based On Amazing Reviews

Scratch Your Travels – Full-Size Scratchable World Maps

Scratch off maps are quickly becoming the #1 gift for any travel enthusiast, let’s admit it, that takes in the minority of us! Can you imagine a person while talking about a relaxing, all-inclusive trip to the Caribbean say “I”ll never do that again” I don’t think so, usually, the comment is  “we are planning another trip already!”

Quickly becoming the #1 gift for any travel enthusiast

Here is a list of the 9 of the best large scratch maps. The list is in no particular order, they are all large poster size and good quality. They have been picked to highlight the features that are not immediately obvious.


1. Luckies Scratch Map – The Original Scratch Off Map

Luckies of London is at the top of the list for a good reason, they created the scratchable map and also offers the biggest selection of maps. The Scratch Map Original brand boost over twenty scratchable maps.

The Scratch Map Original World Map has a clean look and the perfect balance of detail. This print shows country’s names and states/provinces, and also labels the seas and capitals. This is lots of information, but not too much text as to clutter the appearance of the map.

Scratch Map Original World Map would make a beautiful display to any one’s wall. This scratch map is also available in a smaller size.

32.5 x 23.5 inch 2. Beautiful Black And Gold Scratch Map

Newcomer Divalis has brought us this amazingly classy and elegant Scratch Map. This Scratch Away Map has one city named on each of the USA States and Canadian Provinces

This Scratch Map also comes with a toolkit including a scratch tool and eraser to remove the film. 

34 x 21 inches

3. The Most Detailed Scratch Off World Map

Maps-International is a manufacturer of thousands of different maps. The Scratch The World lineup offers 13 scratch off style maps, two of which are world maps. These maps have the most detail available on a scratch map and have the look of a traditional world map.  

 33¼ x 23½ inch 

4. Simple and Clean

Jetsetters have a line up of four amazing maps. The Scratch Your Travels brand is the perfect starting point for an amazing display of your globetrotting.

It’s A Beautiful World Map is designed to fit into an off the shelf 30 x 20-inch frame

5. Flags Make a Fantastic Addition

How would you like all the awesomeness of a scratch map plus 210 scratchable flags to help you keep count. Thanks to Landmass, the makers of Scratch Off World Map brand, this is a reality.

On the scratchable maps, some countries occupy very little areas because of their physical size. But don’t worry, Landmass has put 210 mini flags at the bottom of their 24 x 36-inch maps. In my opinion, this adds so much and makes the countries that you have visited and scratched perfectly clear.

6. Not Just another Scratch Map

You may recognize the name Rabbitgoo from the world of privacy window cling.
They have made an eye-catching black and gold scratch away map with hundreds of scratch off flags at the bottom.

Keep track of your travels and light up your room with this fantastic piece of decor.

32.2 x 23.2 inches.

7. Wond3rland Map with Extras

Wond3rland brings us a beautifully designed map.

It has the look of a rolled out globe and strikes a balance of classy traditional with a modern chic.

This scratch off map,  32 by 23 inches, comes with double-sided adhesive tape dots, a precision scratching tool, and a Travel e-book.

 8. Journal Scratch Map

This is a twist on the Scratch Map. Here we have a 64-page high-quality travel journal, with a twist.

The journal also includes 8  Scratch Maps, each one of which represents a different region of the world.

Comes in blue or red

9. Scratch Map Globe/ Scratch Map 3D Puzzle

Number nine on my list is a Scratch Map Globe, this 3D masterpiece comes with full instructions and is put together with ease. 

7.9 x 7.9 x 7.9 inches

Quickly becoming the #1 gift for any travel enthusiast

Remember to choose the map that matches your personality, or the one you are buying for, the closest. Think about the location where the map will be displayed. In an office or child’s room, you may want a map with lots of colors and an overall bright feel. In your living area, you may prefer to pick a map with a black ocean and an elegant vibe.

The choice is very personal so don’t just try to pick the map with the most features. Pick the one that catches your eye every time you scroll over it.


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