5 Best Scratch-Off Bar or drink enthusiast Posters

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Party Drinks Scratch Off Poster

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Whiskey Scratch Off Poster

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50 Cocktails Scratch Off Poster

Bourbon Scratch Off Poster


100 Beers Bucket List Scratch Poster

Kitchen, bar, or Mancave Decor

Our top-pick liquor Scratch Off posters are perfect for decorating your space where you entertain. They are detailed and interesting making an excellent conversation starters. 

This scratch-off poster tries to list the most popular drinks. Including, 28- cocktails, and 39 pure drinks, plus vodka, whiskey, wine, and beer. In total 126 total drinks.

This interactive scratch-off bucket list is here to guide your taste buds through an exciting journey of 126 delicious drinks and cocktails from around the world.

Details: Silver minimalist design.

Size: 13×19 Inches

Protective Tube: 2.8 x 14inches


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Customers Reviews

Beautiful gift

Very high-quality tube, with a metal scratcher (like a guitar pick) and a cloth for wiping. The posters themselves are also quality and easy to scratch.

Got it for my Boyfriend

My boyfriend absolutely loved this!! He likes to try new bourbons, and loves being able to Scratch Off new ones he tried!

Love This!

Perfect gift for my son in laws bar!  Products are of the best quality. You won’t be disappointed!


The poster is exactly what I wanted!

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My husband was thrilled when he saw it. We scratched off one of the cocktails and had no problems, the image underneath was perfect.

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