What is good quality paper for a Scratch Map?

What is a good quality paper for a Scratch Map?

Scratch Map paper is often measured in GSM (grams per square meter). A good quilty Scratch Map should be made with paper of 200gsm to 300gsm.

This is the weight in grams that a 1 meter by 1-meter piece of paper would weight. The higher the number represents a higher quilty paper.

For example, a newspaper would be 45gsm to 50gsm, and everyday use photocopy paper would be in the range of 80gsm. A business card would be in the range of 300gsm to 400gsm.

How do I Pick Out the Right Scratch Map?

With many different styles on the market, you have a good chance of finding the right Scratch Map if you know what you are looking for. So what should you be looking for? Let’s look at some common questions.

Q. Should you buy a regional Scratch Map or a Scratch Map of the World?

A. The advantage of a world map is that you have all the worlds countries on one poster. The advantage of a regional map is that you will have a zoomed in and more detailed look at a specific country or region. Examples of regional maps are Scratch off map of the USA, Scratch off map of Canada, or Scratch off Map of Europe.

Q. Are you going to frame the map?

A. Yes. Buy a map that will fit a standard frame or crop-friendly map. A crop-friendly map would be one that doesn’t have important information on the edges of the map because you may need to trim the map to fit int your frame.

A. No. You can buy a map with a border printed on it. You get a framed look without the frame.

Q. What color Scratch Map is the Best?

A. With so many styles to choose from it all comes down to personal preference. I have put together a long list of over 35 Scratch Map Companies that will illustrate the possibilities. Click  “see store” to see the complete lineup of maps offered by each of the individual companies.

What is Scratch off film made of?

Scratch off material is a latex ink often referred to as UV ink because it drys when exposed to UV light (ultraviolet light). The ink is non-toxic and made from organic materials.

UV ink does not (or require) to absorb into the material. This allows printing on glass, wood, plastics, or like a scratch map, laminated paper.

The formula of the ink will determine how easily the ink will or will not scratch off, depending on the application.

Where else is Scratch Off film material used?

Scratch off material is used on lotto tickets most famously. But this material is also used on some other products like to hide PIN numbers on gift cards (amongst other disposable plastic cards).

This scratch off materials is also used on interesting products such as scratch off bucket list and scratch off gift cards. This scratch off material can also be bought as coin-sized circles that can be used in arts and crafts.

Of course, more recently, the scratch material has found a very successful use in the Scratch Off Map.

How big is a Scratch Map?

Scratch maps come in a variety of sizes. Maps made to be a wall poster come are as small as 11″ X 16″ and as large as 24″ X 36″. Smaller scratch off maps can be found in a journal format. (9″ X 7″).

Most people want a large Scratch Map that is wall mountable and the marketplace has responded with dozens of different styles of Scratch off Maps.

What Accessories Does the Scratch Map come with? What is in the BOX?

In addition to the Scratch-off map, what will you find in the “box”? Unless otherwise stated the box (tube) will only have the scratch map. But some manufacturers will include bonus’ such as tools to scratch with or soft cloths to wipe away the debris that is created when scratching. Here is a list of “bonus” items that I have seen included with the map to add value to the buy and to increase the consumer’s experience.

  • Scratch off tool (guitar pick or guitar pick likeliness)
  • Scratch off tool (Coin or token)
  • Scratch off tool (pencil shape precision tool)
  • Basic Frame (attaches to top and bottom of the Scratch Map)
  • Mounting supplies (two-sided tape buttons or tacks)
  • Pins and stickers (another way to mark the map)
  • Eraser (a pencil eraser is another way to remove film)

How do I hang a Scratch Map?

When your scratch map first comes out of the packaging it will want to stay rolled up. It is best to lay the map flat on a table, holding the corners down with books overnight. Laying it out like this overnight will reset the memory of the paper and allow the map to hang on the wall much better.

option 1. Once your map is flat you can use a tac in each corner to mount the map to the wall.  1

option 2. Use a picture frame to hang your map. Check out these framing ideas

Scratch Off Bucket List

A Scratch Map is a fun way to track and plan your travels. Check out these scratch off bucket list for more fun tracking and adventure ideas. These posters come in such themes such as movies, travel, books and more.





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