What is a Scratch-off Bucket List

 what is a bucket list

What is a Scratch-off Bucket List

A bucket list is a list of things that you want to do to enhance your life experience and enjoyment. A fun scratch-off bucket list is a poster that has all the list items covered in a lotto ticket film that can be scratched off.

The great thing about having a list is that you can look back and see what you have done and also recall the things that you still haven’t experienced.

The Bucket List can be composed of an endless variety of activities. It could be anything from traveling, eating, reading, watching TV or movies or even listening to music and much, much more. 

Let’s explore why people love bucket list so much. 

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What does a Having a Bucket List Achieve?

Having and completing items on your bucket list will help you grow as a person, especially if you take advantage of your passion and use it to grow and learn.

Understand why the book is so good!

If your passion is reading books, don’t just flip through the pages until you have read every book. But have incited to try to understand why the book is so good.

Is the author is using a writing style that is groundbreaking? Is there a lesson that is universal? Is the author making a statement about human nature or society? 

Asking yourself questions is what can really change your experience and change you as a person. Maybe not every question will have a satisfying answer, but without reflection, the question will never be asked. 

What is the purpose of a Bucket List?

Making a bucket list is more than just a list. Having a list gives you the purpose and focus of what is in the world, and what you want to experience.

For example, if you love movies, you may want to have a bucket list of movies that a movie guru should see.

Putting pen to paper can really give a person focus, having a go-to list of movies that you want to get under your belt. Watching these movies will allow you an opportunity to ask yourself “why did the producer/editor make the choices that they did,” and this will make you quite an expert.

Can a bucket list help with Goals and Direction?

Having a bucket list gives you a list of goals and direction to work towards. This can be satisfying in itself because you can research and study your goals and have a lot of fun educating yourself.

Have a lot of fun educating yourself.

No matter what your interest are you if you have an internet connection you can do the groundwork towards preparing to check off an item.

Research and can be done by reading reviews and other peoples opinions. Quite often this will illustrate something that you have not thought about or considered. Changing your perspective is a great way to enrich your experience.

Does Learning and Creating Memories enhance my life?

Doing things on your list will create new memories, and you will learn. Life is really a collection of memories and experiences. Doing things outside of your everyday grind will enrich your life and make your life feel full.

For example, Think back to a trip you took to the Carribean one year ago. You will remember the layout of the resort, the marketplace and how different it was, the day you went snorkeling and many other things.

Now compare this to an average week at work that happened a year ago. What do you remember? Probably nothing, nothing memorable.

So never pass-up a chance to make a life-enriching memory.

What can I Discover and Explore?

Discover and explore places, books, and movies. Discover classic movies and books that you never knew existed.

Explore new ideas and see new sights. When I travel, I like to ask local people what should I see or do. They will rarely speak of the tourist attraction in the area and focus on something that they feel is underrated and that people should see but they miss.

These little tips hold a lifetime of value and are often very worthwhile.

I think that to discover and explore a topic or place you have to slow down and relax to take in what is in front of you. If you are in a rush, you might miss the point altogether.

Bucket List, I have Writers Block

I believe that this is never ending list. for every experience you have, there will undoubtedly be more to add to the bottom of the list. The world is ever expanding.

Books are always being written, and new developments are always happening in every discipline. Just when you finish the best movies of 2018, it will be time to start on the best movies of 2019.

Expanding your interest with closely related topics is another way to ensure your bucket list is neverending. If your first love was movies, but you feel you have finished all the good content. Why not start reading books that inspired a film to be made. Or see iconic set locations of movies.

With a little creativity, your bucket list can truly be endless.

What is on a Bucket List?

A lot of bucket list themes will include landmarks or historic sites, the best movies of all time, award-winning books, adventures such as skydiving, bungee jumping, or other themed lists. You can find some examples online.

You can make a list for yourself. What would be on your list?  Making your own bucket list gives you the opportunity to make it very personalized.

For example instead of just the best movies of all time, you could make a list of the best horror movies of all time.  Instead of award-winning books, your list may only include non-fiction books. Your list could be any number of niche hobbies like visiting water parks.

But there are no rules, and you can have any mixture of items on your list from any aspect of life. The only rule is that you have an urge to experience the item on your list at some point in your life.

Bucket list also comes in the form of a scratch-off poster. Each poster has 100 items pre-selected in categories like movies, albums, books, places to travel and more.

This Bucket List makes a great gift and has done all the work of creating the list and presenting it on an attractive poster. This poster works just like a scratch lotto ticket.

The scratch-off poster has a layer of film over each bucket list suggestion that can be scratched off as you complete the experience. Scratching off the film will reveal a colorful graphics.

These posters are really cool and affordable.for more information check out the website below.

So why don’t you make your list and get started on all that traveling, reading, watching, eating, listening and many other things that could be on your list?

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