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A lot of the reviews will warn you to avoid cheaply made knockoffs. When it comes to finding out who the brand name players are, you find that it is not so easy.

No worries, here is a list of map reputable producers, their slogan, and what products they provide. Based on the most reviews, the four major producers are JetsetterMaps, Landmass, Luckies, and Maps-International, but also up and coming companies that have some beautiful designs and ideas.


Luckies Of London

Luckies, located in the UK

The most variety scratch away maps!

  • Scratch Map Original®, Scratch Map of the world
  • Scratch Map Original® Wild world edition
  • Scratch Map Original® USA
  • Scratch Map Original® USA Travel (mini)
  • Scratch Map Original® Ocean facts poster
  • Scratch Map Original® Platinum poster
  • Scratch Map Original® Deluxe Poster
  • Scratch Map Original® Travel (mini version of original)
  • Scratch Map Original® Travel Deluxe (mini version of deluxe)
  • Scratch Map Original® XL poster (XL size of original)
  • Scratch Map Original® USA deluxe
  • Scratch Map Original® Chalk pen friendly map of the world, scratchable
  • Scratch Map Original® Capitals
  • Scratch Map Original® Hello (Hello in 190 languages)
  • Scratch Map Original® Clear
  • Scratch Map Original® Travelogue Travel Journal
  • Scratch Map Original® Adventure Journal (bucket list 300+
  • Scratch Map Original® Adventure map (208 bucket list items)
  • Scratch Map Original® Scratch Globe
  • Scratch Map Original® Gourmet Map (foodie map, Europe)
  • Scratch Map Original® Europe Map
  • Scratch Map Original® France Map (French Text)
  • Scratch Map Original® Uk and Irland Map


Maps-International, located in Oxfordshire, UK. with a disputation center in Wisconsin, US.

Offering all types of maps, these are their scratchable ones.

  • Scratch the World® black edition map
  • Scratch the World® map
  • Scratch the World® travel edition map (mini)
  • Scratch Europe Print
  • Scratch USA Print
  • Scratch Off UK Breweries Print
  • Scratch Off UK Gin Distilleries Print
  • Scratch Off Scotland Whisky Distilleries Print
  • Scratch Off 92 Football Grounds Print
  • Scratch Off UK Cycle Climbs Print
  • Scratch Off UK Golf Courses Print
  • Scratch Off Munro-bagging Print
  • Scratch Off Wainwright Hill-bagging Print


JetsetterMaps product lineup, located in Honolulu, Hawaii

  • Scratch Your Travels® USA Map
  • Scratch Your Travels® It’s A Beautiful World Map
  • Scratch Your Travels® Europe Region Map
  • Scratch Your Travels® Canada Map


Landmass products, located in Austin, TX.

  • Travel Tracker Map® Scratch Maps of the world with flags
  • Travel Tracker Map® Scratch Maps of the world, black and gold with flags
  • Travel Tracker Map™ Platinum – XL Special Edition Map
  • Travel Tracker Map® Scratch Map of the USA with national parks
  • Travel Tracker Map® Color Me, maps you color in or drawn on (USA and the world)
  • Travel Tracker Map® City Maps and Custom maps


Divalis, located in Eastern Europe

  • Scratch Map of the World

Go Go Unique

Go Go Unique.

  • Scratch Off World Map Poster, with Flags

Global Zoom

  • Scratch Off World Map Poster


Bucket List Poster

Very different from the maps available, but a super cool idea and the reviews are great.
Scratch Off Bucket List Poster

  • USA Word Search Travel Poster
  • 100 Albums Scratch Off Bucket List Poster
  • 100 Places Scratch Off Poster
  • 100 Books Scratch Off Poster
  • 100 Scratch Off Bucket List Poster


What do I Think?

The above companies are racking up 1000’s of amazing reviews and awesome customer service stories. I would recommend selecting a map that will match your style and use. Check out this list of over 35 scratch map producers and dozens of maps.








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