Tips For Making Bucket List

Tips For Making Bucket List

Many people are interested in making a personalized bucket list. This can be a bit overwhelming at first because you may not even know where to start. 
Let’s break the task up into 3 steps to make it easily manageable.

Step 1: Ask yourself

  • Will your list have a theme (eg. “Places to visit before I die” or “Books I want to read this year”)
  • Will your list have a number order. 
  • Will your list have a limit of total items.

Step 2: Pick a theme. 

Here are some example topics that may help you get started, but really you can make a list about any topic as wide or narrow of a category as you want. 

Common Bucket List Topics

  • Places to visit
  • Places to eat
  • Adventures to have
  • Books to read

The best way to start your list is to start a “brainstorming” list where you write down anything and everything that you may consider. 

Step 3: Make a short list at first

Bigger is better? Maybe not. Start with a short list of 10 or 15 items on your list. 

This will make your bucket list manageable and of course, you can always add more. 

Use a Bucket List Journal

A nicely design journal makes the perfect platform for a bucket list. Having a journal like this has allowed me to keep multiple bucket list organized in the same place. 

My 200-page journal has pages for both listing and writing other details. With my documented bucket list safely kept in this spiral bound, the hardcover is a source of pride and a great keepsake. 

Use Books to Inspire and Create A Bucket List

Sometimes when you are going somewhere on vacation, you may not know everything that place has to offer. Doing research online or talking to locals could help you discover what is worth the effort. 

I like this book, published by National Geographic that suggest 5000 things across the United States. The book is organized state by state and is full of pictures to inspire you!

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