Great Wedding Gift – Scratch Map

Scratch Map

Looking For A Nice Wedding Gift That Is Unique And Fun? – Why Not A Scratch Map

Picking out a wedding gift can be difficult. Having a wedding gift registry is one way to get the job done but is very impersonal and the newlyweds will surely never remember who gave what after the thank you cards are sent out. 

Finding a nice gift is not always easy, really you have to know the person to get it right. Yes a toaster is nice and useful, everyone eats toast, but very impersonal, too practical.  

Why Do We Give, Really? 

Special considerations for a wedding or anniversary gift.

  • something that can be enjoyed by two people
  • a gift that may symbolize a start or a new beginning
  • a gift that pulls the couple closer

A Scratch Map is a great gift that is growing in popularity

A Scratch Map is a map of the world, USA, or other regions that have a foil film layer over the landmass. The foil can be scratched away much like a lotto ticket leaving the contrasting color underneath. 

 I have put together a list of over 35 Scratch Maps providers available online. 

To see a list of Scratch Maps click here.

Scratch Map

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