How To Make A Rustic Barn Wood Frame For A Scratch Map

how to make a rustic frame for a scratch map

How To Make A Rustic Barn Wood Scratch Map Frame With No Power Tools

Reclaimed wood has a very traditional and warm look. It goes great with many decor styles. 

This is a super simple DIY on How To display a Scratch Map with super trendy bard board that will add a rustic look to your space.

I have tried to make this project user-friendly and possibly to do for people who do not have a workshop or any power tools. Check out my other fame and display projects that require no power tools. 

This DIY project will work equally well with other types of wood, so please free to use your creativity!

Here is what you will need, feel free to substitute and be creative with the supplies that you have or are available to you.  

  • Scratch Map
  • Miter Box/ Handsaw
  • Heavy Duty Double-sided Foam Tape
  • 24″ x 36″ Foam Board or Plastic Sign Board
  • Rustic Barn Wood Board – 8″ (I use a faux reclaimed wood board, purchased from a local lumber yard)

Tip: Always be careful to protect the face of your Scratch Map, you don’t want to damage or scratch the film. When resting the map down, only rest it on smooth surfaces. Don’t ever drag the map when it is face down. 

1. When you take your Scratch Map out of its tube it will want to stay rolled up. Place it flat on a table and put books on the corners to flatten it out. Let it sit overnight. Flatten out a scratch map

2. Using a measuring tape, measure the width and height of your scratch map. Write down the measurements. You will need to transfer the measurements onto the foam board.

Tip: Measure twice, Cut once. 

measure your scratch map

3. Measure out the width and height that you have recorded from your Scratch Map on your form board, connect the marks using a pencil and a straight edge. 

mark the form board

4. Use a straight edge and box cutter to trim the foam board along your pencil lines. The blade will cut right through, protect the surface underneath the form board with a scrap piece of lumber. 

Tip: For your safety, don’t expose more blade then necessary. Form board is 1/4″ thick, so 1/2″ of the blade should do. 

use a straight edge

5. Put double-sided tape on the foam board and set the Scratch Map down so all the edges fit perfectly. Push firmly to make good contact with the double-sided tape. 

Tip: It is tricky to get the map to fit perfectly, the double-sided tape does not allow for adjustments. Get a helper to make this task a bit easer. 

mounting a scratch map

6. Now we are going to cut our rustic wood board to overhang 5″ on each side of our map. The rustic wood board will be 10″ longer than the width of the map. You will need to cut a top and bottom piece at the same length. 

(width of map) + (5″ overhang on left) + (5″ overhang on right)

Tip: When using the miter box, don’t push hard on the handsaw, let the blade do the work as you push and pull. 

Tip: Having a helper hold the board makes this job easier. 

cutting wood

7. Installing the wall hanger hardware. Measure and make a mark in the center of one of the boards, this will now be the top board. You will need a wall hanger from a picture hanging kit. Use two small nails from the kit to nail the hanger on the board. 

picture hanger

8. Cut four pieces of foam board at 4×4 inches. Use heavy duty double-sided foam tape to attach the bottom half of the foam board to each end of the rustic wood. Stay at least 6″ from the ends and let 2″ of the foam board.

Tip: Push frimly to activate the double-sided tape.

8. Turn the rustic wood boards over and place heavy-duty double-sided tape on the exposed foam board. 

Tip: Do one rustic board at a time. 

9. Put a center mark on the top and bottom rustic wood board and the top and bottom of the Scratch Map. Line up the Center lies and press the Scratch Map down on the double-sided tape. 

rustic frame scratch map

Why not add a bit more depth? The foam board makes a great surface to use map markers and pins. This is a great way to personalize and dress up your map. This will add a lot of visual depth to your display.

Congratulations! Its time to display your travels with pride.

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