What Category Do You Fit Into?

What Category Do You Fit Into?

The best map for you depends on what type of travel you would like to document and display. For example, If your travels mostly consist of trips around the USA then maybe you want to use a map of just that region. The advantage of using a regional map.

USA Scratch Map

This Map is just of the United States of America, it is great for RVing, road trips, or other types of exploring the country.

4 Best Scratch Maps Of The USA >

 Map of USAScratch Map of Canada

A beautiful map of the region of Canada, great for your trip to the great white north.

Jetsetters Scratch Your Travels has the only Canadian scratch away map >


Europe Scratch Map

This is a great map to display your trip to Europe. Backpacking or cruses can rack up a lot of places. Keep track of all your memories!

Portable Scratch Map

This eight-page regional map with a journal is made for people on the move. Great to take with you on your travels! This format is also great for people who want to store their scratch map on a bookcase, or with photo albums.

Luckies Scratch Map Original Scratch away map travel journal



Where To Buy Scratch Map

These maps are available in limited styles at some popular bookstores. Amazon has a full spectrum of these maps, most available from amazon prime.

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