DIY – How To Frame A Scratch Map


DIY – How To Frame A Scratch Map

Professional framing is expensive and buying the map already framed doesn’t make sense either. Here are some standard frames that will work with your scratch map.
A scratch map has special considerations when mounting. This is a DIY on how to mount your scratch map in an off the shelf, standard size frame.

1. Size and Style

First, you have to pick a size and style of frame. The size is determined by the size of your print and the style is personal taste. The styles may differ but the concept will be similar for all framing projects.

2. Make a Plan

It is decision time! Pick out your frame and decide if you will mount the glass under or over the scratch map. Normally the glass would go over the print and hold it flat, but if you want access to the print for further scratching, you will want to mount the glass under the print.

Hint: When the glass is over the print it holds the print flat. This is a very user-friendly approach. If you decide to mount the glass underneath the scratch map you will have to use double-sided tape to hold the map flat. This is one way to do it.

3. Mount the Map

On an empty table lay the map out flat and place the glass on top. Let it sit like this for a day or until the map stays flat without any assistance. Using a good two-sided tape, fit the map to the glass.

Hint: If you chose not to use the glass or your frame didn’t come with glass, after the print is flattened using two-sided tape, stick the map to the frame backing.
Hint: Maybe you have found a frame at a thrift store or garage sale and it has no glass or backing of any type. No problem, go to your local hardware store and buy a piece standard hardboard panel. (comes 1/8 inch thick). This will make a good back panel for your print. Most lumber stores offer a cutting service for a very low price, and sometimes free.
The Standard, off the shelf frame, will have everything you need in the packaging. (See How To Crop a Scratch Map). This is best broken down into three aspects, the frame, the backing, the glass.  See The How-Tos and Step-By-Step

  • The Frame is the border of the picture and this is what really defines what your finished product will look like.
  • The Backing is usually made from cardboard or a wood byproduct, your print will sandwich between this and the glass.
  • The Glass holds the print and allows you to see it at the same time. If no glass is to be used, the print will have to be held on the backer using two-sided tape.

The frame will have clips on the back that hold everything together. You must face the frame down on its face and work in reverse. What I mean “working in reverse” is that the first item in the frame is what you will see when the frame is mounted. The backing is the last to go in the frame and then use the metal clips to lock it in place.

Using a standard size frame to mount your scratch map is really quite easy. This is a step that will also give your map a finished look. Get yours today!

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