Everyone Loves Their Scratch Map

Scratch Map

These maps are simply fun and they make absolutely the best gifts. But you better buy two because you will need one of these for yourself! Check out a couple stories of how people are using them.

Log your Travel on a Scratch Map of the World

Scratch off map, Your travels are logged. Black and Gold with flags

“My Dad is a pilot and he loves this map. He has been so many places! He loves to share his stories and memories.  (I’m actually surprised how good his memory is). He lets his grandkids scratch off the destinations that he visited and he chats away.

The kids are loving it, they didn’t realize grandpa was so cool.”

Pamala M. Dallas, Texas

The Very Best Visual Journal Idea

My map of the world poster, ocean blue and silver.

“I personally use it as a visual journal. Of course, I love to take photographs and I do display some of them but the scratch off map is a perfect, clutterless reminder of my travels. (unlike my packed up box of souvenirs)

Memories I like to be reminded of as often as possible :)”

Mike P. Bangor, Maine

To Travel With, Its Awesome to Journal as you go

8-page Scratchable Maps with journal

“I’m going backpacking in Europe this coming summer. I have the Formemory Travelogue.  It is eight scratch map pages, each with a different part of the world. (it also came with a nice travel tracker log book).
I’m so excited to use it! I can log on my plane rides, while I’m waiting for transit, or even just relaxing at a coffee shop.

This will be a keepsake forever.”

Kimberly C, Phoenix, Arizona

Best Wedding Gift Ever

Scratch travel map, with flags

“I received this scratchable map as a wedding gift and must admit I was a bit confused at before, I have just never seen anything like this before. But wow, I love it. my wife and I took our honeymoon on a Mediterranean cruise and went to lots of countries.

We had so much fun when we returned scratching off the places we have been and recalling our adventures.
We will continue to record our travel and will display our journeys proudly!

The Best conversation starter ever!”

Jordan H. Toronto, Ontario


Scratchable world map, black and gold foil with flags.

“I’ve seen this in a teacher’s classroom and I was very impressed. Students are engaged to track their learning visually. As they continue to explore information about and from new countries and cultures. This helps to develop their global awareness and stimulate interesting conversations.

This helps much with geography and knowing the flags of each country.”

Melinda T.  Pocatello, Idaho



Scratch off map of the world, Black and Gold with flags

“I have a home-based business and sell used clothing on eBay. Both my husband and I were surprised and excited when I started to get orders from every corner of the globe. He bought me this foil covered map to Scratch off the

locations that I had shipped. It was such a wonderful gift, so thoughtful. I absolutely love it. I display it proudly in my office.

When I look at it I’m reminded how lucky I am to have such a thoughtful man…. and so grateful that my business allows me to correspond with people around the world.”

Grace W.  Jacksonville, Florida



Education at Home with Foil Scratch Map

Scratch of map of the world, Black and Gold with flags

“Every time my son learns about a specific country at school, I let him scratch it off. It is a great visual, and a great addition to the decor of his room. It is quite easy to scratch off the country and the color underneath is really nice.

This helps very much with geography and memorization and knowing how flags of every country look like.

Good For all ages.”

Jenny L. Cincinnati, Ohio

 Scratch Map

Keeping the Fun Rolling, Road Trip!

Scratch Map of USA

“It’s a common experience in North America when your kid to have your parents pack up the station wagon and hit the wide-open road., The destination…Grandma’s house? A National Park? But one thing for sure, part of the fun is the drive, the things you see on the way, the adventure.

Keep the kids busy with a fun and an educational scratch map of the united stated, also available for other regions.

My family scratched off the states as we traveled to in the form of licenses plates. For anyone who has traveled to a state or national park will know that people drive from coast to coast to see what this great country has to offer.
When we returned home the scratchable map can be framed to display and makes a wonderful and meaningful piece.

We really loved the experience.”

Marry G. Columbia, South Carolina


The Best Gift for Anyone

My definition of a good gift giver is someone who knows a good gift/ person match. Everyone is

different and a really thoughtful gift is rare. The best gift is something the receiver didn’t even know existed, and you leave them wondering “how have I never seen this before?”
If you found your way to this page I’m thinking you are a very good gift giver, someone who somehow finds something unique for the person who has everything.

These maps make the best gifts for anyone (including yourself) and will be appreciated and cherished for a lifetime. People love the design and are proud to display the map in their homes.

When you travel the foil can be scratched off to show additional destinations. Always keeping your travel in eyeshot, and keeping your living space free of travel souvenirs and knickknacks. No more disappointment that you didn’t find that perfect keepsake, or desperately shopping for something before departure back home.
Not to talk to poorly of souvenirs, I personally collect shot glasses, but I have been disappointed with the same “made in China” selection at every destination. Or even worst, nothing at all. I hope to explore in future post creative ways to incorporate photos and other souvenirs into a display of my travels, using my scratch map as a centerpiece.

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