GOGO Unique

Scratch Map Review

GOGO Unique Scratch Map Review

What do you get when you buy a GOGO Unique Scratch Off Map?  I was pleasantly surprised to receive my scratch map in a very nicely designed packing. The packaging tube has the same color scheme as the scratch map inside, and it is very sturdy. If giving this scratch map as a gift, the packaging tube is important because it has to look good and give some basic information about what is inside and this packaging tube does the job better than most. My second pleasant surprise was a full toolkit of everything you need to customize your scratch map. Here are the items you will receive to help you scratch your map.
  • A large area scratch tool – it shares a shape of a guitar pick but it is not. It is much thicker and has all the right curves and grooves to provide the user with a comfortable and firm grip.
  • Precision tool – This pencil shaped tool has a specially designed tip to help you get into those small corners or help you carefully remove the film as you follow a border. This is an especially important tool because it is difficult to find a household item that will do the job equally as well.
  • Lint-free wipe – A very handy way to brush away the dust created from scratching off the film.
 scratch map tools The GOGO Unique scratch off map measures 23″ x 33″. The flag section takes up 4′ x 25″ and the enlarged European section requiring 8″ x 8″ circle, leaving the rest of the map to the oceans and landmasses of the world. The blues of the ocean sections are shaded to correspond with the actual depts in those respective areas. 

Enlarged European Section 

 scratch map enlarged Europe section Underneath the scratchable film, you will find the landmasses decorated with the countries flag. This is a unique design feature that you will not find anywhere else.  Scratch Map On the bottom of this scratch map, you will find 186 mini, scratchable flags that will help you keep track of the countries that you have visited. The mini flags are awesome. No matter how small the country on the map of the world, it will have equal representation in the flag section.  scratch map mini flags This GOGO Unique map has the state and provinces are outlined for Canada, Australia, and the United States. This is a great feature because a lot of travel is usually right in your home country. So, rather than removing the film of the whole country, you can keep track of the states you have visited one by one.  The packaging tube is a very nice design. It mirrors the design of the map and is a complementary addition. In my opinion, the packaging tub strikes a couple key details that are helpful to someone who is not familiar with the contents. The key information being size, a picture of the map before and after the film is scratched off.  Additionally, the borders printed on this scratch map are very nice and act as a good frame if you choose to pin it on the wall without a frame.  scratch map pin GOGO Unique has made a high quilty scratch map that I can stand behind and feel confident recommending. With an attractive style and excellent features, it is no wonder why people have so much good to say about it! Check out the reviews and availability.  Scratch Map

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