How A Scratch Map Of The World Can Declutter Your Space

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Organizing Your Clutter

Why is it that most people dislike clutter, but we all have this obsession to collect? Part of the
unique experience of being human I guess.

This becomes more obvious at certain moments of your life, like when you travel. The instinct to collect is strong and is in full force when you are on vacation.
Of course, we want to take something back; to remind yourself of the good times you had. The more cynical ones amongst us even feel at the point of purchase that “this is just more useless clutter”. But still we have that human obsession with having something to show for our life experience.

With the popularity of condo living, especially in metropolitan areas, there is really no space for clutter anymore. You must fill your space carefully and remember that you still need to cook your meals and sleep somewhere. You must choose your items very carefully. I moved into a small space after many years of living in a house and found the process of purging and getting rid of things I didn’t know I had quite refreshing. So this is an easy argument for me, and is part of the reason why I endorse the scratch map. Also, moving forward I am careful went I make a purchase that this is something I really need or is willing to make space for. It feels good to be a minimalist in this way, and has financial benefits as well.

Coin Scratch Map

I have always kept a shelf, decanted to displaying my souvenirs from my travels. The shelf became full so I replaced it with a bookcase. And guess what, that’s right, it became overflowing with clutter too. Then I found a large world scratch map, by Luckiest Of London (apx 2ftx3ft). It is a game changer. In one location, one frame, a beautiful display of my personal experiences on this blue planet.
OK, so I could let go of all my souvenirs, but I started with the ones that were overly big, and others that I just didn’t like.

Also when buying souvenirs, you have to get it home, easier said than done if you are backpacking and have to carry it every step of the way, and I hope that those seashells are going to make it through customs (fingers crossed).

Photos are always good, there is absolutely no replacement for that. But unless you’re a master photographer, it’s going to be hard to find the perfect one to display your travel appropriately.

“Where to buy a scratch map?” Amazon is a good start, and you won’t have to worry about dragging it home from vacation, they will deliver it right to your door.

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