Review of Luckies Scratch Map Original Deluxe Poster


Luckies Scratch Map Original Deluxe Poster

The Scratch Map Original Deluxe Poster is one of the most popular Scratchable map on the market. It is unmistakable thanks to its attractive black and gold design. In this review, I will explore its features and usability. List the pros and cons that I feel people would agree with and hopefully share some tips and tricks.


The map comes rolled up in a nicely designed tube with a tin cap. The packaging tube has the scratch logos and information about what inside. I think the packaging is very nice and if you are giving this as a gift, the receiver gets a chance right away to start to read and explore what it is they are holding. I much prefer that over just a plain cardboard paper tube like the ones you may have seen if you have ever bought art that was shipped to you. I like the plain paper tubes, they definitely serve the same purpose, but if it is a gift, it is fantastic to have information about the product on the tube.
Before you take the map out of the tube I would suggest you have a table-top ready large enough to roll the map out. Also, a couple objects to hold down the corners, as the paper will want to roll back up as it was in the tube. (a couple cans of tomato soup would do fine, but really anything).

Once you roll it out flat, you will then have to discard the protective packaging that stopped the map from scratching up during shipping.

First Look And Impression

So now that the map is laid out and all the packaging removed you get your first good look. You will see that the map is finished in a matte black. The overall map itself looks very classy and well done, you can tell that the produces of this map really wanted this map to be a work of art.

It is Scratch Time!

Even if you haven’t traveled yet you will have something to scratch off, because you are somewhere right now! Right?
Luckeis does recommend that you use a coin or pencil style eraser to remove the foil. When using a coin or any hard object to scratch you must be gentle. The eraser, however, is very unlikely to damage the finished map from unwanted scratches. I would suggest starting with the eraser and use your judgment about whether you should use a coin or not. Also, I would suggest not scratching the matte finish, just carefully remove the foil areas. It is like coloring, take your time, stay within the lines and be neat.
As you scratch off the gold film you will reveal the bright colors underneath that contrast to the rest of the map. Even if the country you revealed is small the pop of color really pulls your eyes to that highlighted area. Underneath the gold foil, the map does show more detail.

You May Like the Platinum Edition;

What Do I Think

I love this product. I plan on displaying this in my living room and I want it to look like a work of art so I must do my part. When I scratch off the foil I will be sure to have it on a hard surface and be very aware of the lines and where the residue is falling. I will give myself sufficient time and truly enjoy my part of creating this personalized map.


Tips and Tricks

  • The map’s direct contact with the table is important, remove the tablecloth
  • A pencil eraser is a necessary tool, I would recommend having a large one on hand as well as a pencil
  • An unsharpened pencil makes a good tool for some of the precision areas
  • Do not scratch or smudge debris on the black matte finish, it is hard or impossible to remove
  • Remove your watch and other jewelry before resting your hands on the map to prevent unintended removal of the foil.
  • If you are framing the map, frame with the glass underneath the map so you can continue to reveal your travels. The glass will provide a hard service while still allowing access to the scratchable map.



  • Unique gift
  • Beautiful finish
  • Easily dressed up with frame
  • Personalized
  • Great packaging


  • Can scratch finish if not careful
  • Tedious to scratch large areas
  • Be sure to scratch on a hard surface

In conclusion, I would rate this product very highly because of the following reasons. First of all, it is a well-made and quality product with excellent craftsmanship and attractive design. Secondly, it is a unique product that not many people know about, but at the same time, many types of travelers would really enjoy it. Finally, it makes a great gift, its fun, you can dress it up, it has many uses (check out its uses) and scratch maps come in many styles. (check out the different styles offered). Styles include world maps, regional maps, and travel-friendly maps as well. Along with different colors and styles to suit your personal taste and travel style.


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