Mark Your Scratch Map Destinations With Pins

Pins in a map

Mark Your Scratch Map Destinations With Pins

The Scratch Map offers a great way to mark the places you have visited. Although some people love the idea of having a visual representation of their travels and want to take this globetrotting tracking to the next level. Using the pins on your map makes it more interactive for you and a source of pride, and a detailed record of your travels. If you like to
take in every moment of your time while on vacation, you will love to pin the hundreds of stories or details of your trip.


Maybe you prefer to mark your destinations with a pin?

Pins can offer you with almost endless marks of interest on your Scratch Map (or any map). I personally like to document my trips with a journal and have a record of any worthy events that enrich my trip. The pins on the physical map is a visual representation of these details in my journal.

The pins can represent anything from an unexpected roadside attraction to a major tourist attraction that brought you to that city in the first place.

Pins come in different colors. One idea is to use different colors to correspond to the different interest. For example, categories of interest could be red for roadside attractions, blue for restaurants, and yellow for hotels. Really the possibility is endless.

I would suggest starting with a list of things you enjoy doing while on vacation and then putting these items
into color-coded categories. My categories would be hiking, waterfalls, and roadside attractions. Maybe yours would include food, music, and art. It really is a chance to be creative.

I’ve seen a couple beautiful examples of a map mounted on cork board. Here’s how it works!

Mounting A Scratch Map On CorkBoard – A Easy DIY

Corkboard is a great material to use if you wish to use pins to mark points of interest on your map. Here is an example of how it can be done quite easily.

  1. If you have a poster size map, a poster frame is probably the cheapest and easiest frame to work with. It will be the right size and come with no glass. You will not need the glass because you will want to push pins
    from the front.
  2. Corkboard is readily available and comes in standard sizes, finding the same size of your map is a good possibility. If the size you want is not available, don’t worry, the corkboard is easily cut using a utility knife. If your hand is not steady enough, use a straight edge.
  3. Use a strong two-sided tape to fix the cork board and map together, a piece in each corner. I use 3M tape for things that I want to be strong. 3M is trusted and make great products from my experience. This two-sided tape comes with a holding strength of up to 50lbs, it really is quite amazing. Although if you prefer the right glue will do the job as well. (mod podge being one example) Set the cork board and map into the frame and lock it into place using the metal clips on the back side of the frame.

4. Now your frame is ready to go on the wall and marking your stops with pins.

Mount On Drywall

Mounting your Scratch Map on a scrap piece of drywall is another option that may interest you. Drywall is an easy material to work with and is readily available. Like the cork board it can be cut with a utility knife, alternatively, it can be cut at your local home depot using their lumber cutting service. Using drywall opens up the option of not having to glue or tape the map to the drywall backing, but rather using thumb tacks to fix it to the surface.

About The Frame

I have had a few framing projects over the years and I have never regretted using a quality frame. Frames for DIYs can be found at yard sales, thrift shops and alike. The frame can make all the difference on the look of the final look. It is a good idea to have a finished product in mind before you start so you can find a frame that you will be happy
with. Custom framing is also an option if you choose.

Depending on your interest you may want to do a map of the World or just North America. This part is totally up to you. Check out the available sizes and designs of maps that appeal to you, and buy a corresponding piece of corkboard to mount it on, with a little handiwork a frame can really enhance your map.


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