Does A Scratch Map Make A Great Birthday Gift?

Does A Scratch Map Make A Great Birthday Gift?

Finding a nice birthday gift is often a tricky job, and doesn’t it feel like someone’s birthday is always around the corner? Finding a good gift can sometimes feel like a neverending task.

Most people give gift cards and these make a very nice gift. The normality of this makes giving a physical gift more special. 

Does a Scratch Map make a great birthday gift? Let’s put it to the test of unique, personalized, fun, popular, and budget.

Does a Scratch Map make a great birthday gift? Let’s put it to the test of unique, personalized, fun, popular, and budget.

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What do people really want for their birthday?

Most people don’t know. A new car? A trip to a sun resort? Those gifts are epic but let’s come back to reality and talk budget.

Let’s say your budget for a birthday gift is $30. If someone wants an item that is within that budget they probably would have gone out and got it for themselves already.

So the trick to a birthday gift that is a great gift and in within the budget is to find something that the receiver doesn’t know exists. This would be a true surprise!

Alternatively, a good gift can be something that you have bought yourself and just know that other people will find it as enjoyable as you do.

Does a Scratch Map make a good Personalised Gift?

Everyone loves a personalized gift. A Scratch Map does not start as a personalized gift, but we all have different travel experiences in life, the Scratch Map becomes a reflection of those personal experiences. This personalization continues and is added to as a person travels, revealing more and more of the Scratch Map.

Does a Scratch Map make a Fun Gift?

Fun is the enjoyment of pleasure, particularly in leisure activities. Some people have fun at work but not as many people have fun doing work.

I think a Scratch Map makes a fun birthday gift because it demands interaction and personalization. When the person gives the Scratch Map their personal touch they will also feel pride. This makes a Scratch Map a very Fun Gift!

A Scratch Map is also an unusual gift. Unusual gifts are always fun to give and receive. Everyone enjoys to get a gift that is unique and interesting, it is novel, fun.

Is a Scratch Map a Popular Gift?

Yes and No. The popularity of Scratch Maps are growing at a very fast rate and soon everyone will know what a Scratch Map is, but right now many people have not heard of Scratch Maps and have no idea what they are missing.

Have Fun Logging Your Travel – Using A Scratch Off Map

What is a Scratch Off Map? A Scratch Off Map is a map that has a layer of foil over the landmass or countries of the map. The foil that covers the map is very similar to what you would find on a scratch off lotto ticket.

Although there are some variations, the foil is all one color and the map underneath is another color. The purpose of the foil is to mark that area as undiscovered.

Once you visit the country you are free to scratch off the foil and the and have visual respiration of your travel. A scratch map is a great way to log your travels.

Traveling Near or Far, there is a Scratch Map for you

Not a world traveler? No problem. Some of the best trips can be in your own backyard. The United States alone has so much to offer in the form of landmarks, beautiful landscapes and much more.

Scratch maps are available as regional maps as well as the world. Some of the popular regions are USA, Canada, and Europe. Explore the different types of maps.

Another advantage of having a regional scratch map is the size. For example, a scratch map of the United States offers you a zoomed in image, much larger than what your view would be if it was just a part of a world map. The larger view offers space for much more detail.

VespucciWorld offers a massive 24″ x 36″ Scratch Map of the United States. See #27 on this list.

Picking A Scratch Map

With dozens of companies selling scratch maps its hard to make a decision. There is a vast selection of color schemes and special features.

Some of the special features are:

  • Enlarged Europe or Carribean Section
  • Flags of the countries of the world on the bottom
  • Basic frame included
  • Scratch or tools included
  • Tacks, pins, stickers, or other decorative items
  • Bright colors
  • Old world map styling
  • Clean and simple
  • Classy and decore ready
  • E-book
  • Landmarks or other travel inspiration


Brouse Master List of Scratch Maps

Framing A Scratch Map

Framing your map is a great way to display your scratch map. They can make a great addition to your decor and a conversation piece.

It is a good idea to think about the frame you are going to use before you buy a Scratch Map.

See Craig’s Frames, they sell frames in 1-inch increment and a choice of colors and styles.

Travel with a Map

Taking a Scratch Map one the road with you is another fun way to use a Scratch Map. Imagine an epic road trip where you scratch off as you cross state lines or borders. This can be a reality with a small and compact Scratch Map.

Decorating A Scratch Map

There are many ways to enhance the personalization of your Scratch Map. This can add an additional level of depth to your display.

  • use push pins to mark locations
  • use push pins and string to mark routes
  • use special pins to mark the source of travel
  • use your own photos

As you can see a Scratch Map is a very interesting gift for most people, so in my opinion, a Scratch Map would make a great birthday gift.



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