7 Scratch Map Frame Ideas

7 Scratch Map Frame Ideas


Updated March 2022: See the bottom of the page for the most simple solution. (the Rail Frame)

Are you getting frustrated trying to find an awesome way to display your Scratch Map?

Finding a nice frame to display your Scratch Map can add a finished look and make a big difference to the attractiveness of your map. A Scratch Map can make a nice addition to the décor of any room.

These projects below are easy, done without any power tools. I have personally made all of these frames and can truly recommend them as good solutions. 

1. Put your Scratch Map into a Poster Frame

Poster frames can be found at a lot of retailers and are designed to fit a movie poster frame.

Although both the height and width of the frame are the wrong dimensions, your Scratch Map will fit with a little alteration.

Poster frames are made from cardboard and plastic trim. These materials are super easy to work with. (Click the picture to see details)

Easy and Inexpensive 

Scratch Map poster frame

2. Reuse An Old Frame to Mount Your Scratch Map

Do you have an old picture frame that you will like to reuse for your new Scratch Map?

I took an old IKEA frame apart and shrunk it down to the size of my Scratch Map.

The theory of this DIY is that I have all the necessary materials, I just needed to build the necessary size.

Picture frames come in many assembly styles, but this is how I changed this one’s dimensions to fit my needs. (click picture to see details)

Recycle an old frame and get a professional look for a bargain

Scratch Map Frame

3. Make A Frame For Your Scratch Map Using Window Casing

Window casing comes in a lot of different styles and is easy to work with.

It can be painted or stained to achieve an endless variety of finishes.

I decided to frame a Scratch Map with it using no nails and no glue!

Click the picture below to see how I did it.

Easy to find materials and build to custom size

Window Casing Trim Scratch Map Frame

4. Crop The Scratch Map To Squeeze It Into A Smaller Frame

When buying a Scratch Map one good thing to consider is what frame you will use if any frame at all.

If you plan on cropping your Scratch Map, buy a map without landmasses, or importation features close to the edge. This will allow more tolerance when it comes to cropping away the edges.

Cut your Scratch Map down to fit available size frames

Scratch Map cropped

5. Hang Your Scratch Map From A Curtain Rod

Although this project has no frame at all, it was one of my favorites because it is very unique.

It is also very simple to do.  I just attached a curtain rod to the wall and used drapery rings to hang the map. 

Click below to see more details.

Simple and Artistic

Scratch Map Display

6. Make A Frame From Wood For your Scratch Map

Reclaimed rustic looking wood has such a modern look.

The lumber I used in this project is made using faux barn board. Faux barn board can be found at lumber yards much cheaper than real barn board.

I put this frame together without using any nails, screws, or glue. See how I did it by clicking the picture below.

Board style frame can be done with pine boards or any type of lumber

Scratch Map Barn Wood Frame

7. Buy A Custom Frame For Your Scratch Map, Cheap.

(More Details)

Finding the right size frame may seem like a difficult task, but really it is not.

I found this online supplier that offers by far, way more sizes and styles that anyone else that I have seen.

Not to mention the prices are amazing.

Get a custom size and style, simple and delivered to your door

Scratch Map Frame

This is a list of standard sizes of frames, is your Scratch Map one of these sizes? If so these frames are much more readily available. These sizes are commonly found in department stores or online.

  • Smallest  – 8.5” x 11”
  • Small– 11” x 17”
  • Medium  – 18 “ x 24”
  • Large– 24” x 36”  most common standard poster size (Super A1) Fan movie poster
  • Movie Poster Size – 27″ x 40″, 40″ x 60″ you will see this at the theatre or a bus stop.

In general, maps make great decor that is available in countless different styles.

A Scratch Map can make a nice addition to the decor of any room.

Get a look at over 35 different Scratch Maps on one page, easily compare color, style, and type. 

Makes an Excellent Open Frame for a Scratch Map


Rail Frame: A rail frame clamps to your map. (front and back magnets)

The top rail has a hanging string so the frame can be hung from a nail or pin, and the bottom rail helps to hold the map flat on the wall. 

PROS: The Map is always accessible for scratching.

The frame is simple, modern looking, and is easy to use.

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