How To Frame A Scratch Map – Using A Generic Cheap Poster Frame

Scratch Map Frame


How To Frame A Scratch Map – Using A Generic Cheap Poster Frame

A poster frame is NOT the right size for most scratch maps. The scratch map that I want to frame is 23.5 x 32.5 inches. However, a cheap generic poster frame measures 22.5″ x 34″. 

I will show how you can crop this Scratch Map so it will fit into a 23.5 x 34-inch poster frame. This will be done by changing the dimensions of both the scratch map and the poster frame. 

These frames are also readily available because of the popularity of movie posters. Although the frame is inexpensive, it can add a lot to the finish look of your scratch map. 

I have tried to make this project user-friendly and possibly to do for people who do not have a workshop or any power tools. Check out my other fame and display projects that require no power tools. 

1. First, you will need a poster frame, it can be new or used, we will modify it to do the job. This one has the dimensions of 22.4 x 34 inches.

scratch map poster frame

2. Open the frame up by pulling off the edges. The edges hold everything together by a pitching force. There are no screws or mechanical parts.  Inspect the contents. 

It is very likely you will have:

  • A cardboard backing
  • a sheet of paper (the display sheet turned over)
  • clear plastic sheet
  • 4 pcs plastic trim
parts of a frame


As you can see below, the Scratch Map is too high for the frame, and the frame is too wide for the Scratch Map. 

3. Measure how much the frame material will have to be cut off to match the width of the Scratch Map. Use the measurement and cut the cardboard and plastic down to the proper width. 

I’m going to use the total height of the frame materials but I will cut 1.5″ off the width to match the dimension of the map. 

cropping a scratch map


4. Now measure how much the Scratch Map’s height will be needed to be trimmed down. Measure how much too high the Scratch Map is over the frame. Take a note of the measurement. We cannot trim too much off the bottom of the map because this Scratch Map has a mini flag section. Your map may be different so the choice of how to trim the map down to size will be up to you. 

I’m going to use the total width of the scratch map, but I will trim 1″ off the top of the Scratch Map to make its total height 22.5″.

cropping a scratch map

5. Now that the Scratch Map and frame materials are the same sizes, it is time to cut the frame trim to the newly adjusted dimensions. We have not changed the height of the frame, so the two end pieces of trim will remain the same length. However, we have taken 1.5″ away from the width so we will have to remove 1.5″ from the trim as well. 

How to Frame a Scratch Map


Use a miter box and a hacksaw to cut the plastic trim. The plastic trim cuts very easily using a hacksaw. 

Tip: Use a piece of sandpaper to take off any rough edges that were made.

How to frame a Scratch Map

 Congratulations! It is time to assemble and display your fully framed Scratch Map!

scratch map frame



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