Scratch Off Globe And 5 Other Unique Globes Of The World

Scratch Off Globe And 5 Other Unique Globes Of The World

Why do people love globes, maps, and geo-visualization?

I have always loved maps, atlases and other visual representation of the world. But why?

I think it is part beauty, part travel and part fascinate of living on this planet with a finite amount of land.

  • Beauty – The depiction of maps are present on many decor items that we have to choose from. Its a timeless topic of display that can be found depicted on everything from a globe on a test to a pattern on a pillow.
  • Travel – The Earth is a limited size with limited countries. Many people like to travel and explore places and cultures that span every corner of the Globe and dream about the places we haven’t been yet.
  • Fascination – We, as humans all live on this planet that circles the sun. Every human that has ever lived has depended on the air and food that this planet has provided. That is so amazing! Mankind has conquered the task of mapping the whole planet in pinpoint precision. Looking and exploring that work never grows old.

Unique Globes

As you scroll down the page you will see that I have included a few unique globes that are on the market. 

Each globe I choose I had a different type of person in mind. 

The magnetic surface globe is like a scratch-off globe or map in the sense that it is ideal for persons that like to have a visual representation or display their personal experiences. 

The floating and rotating globes are magical to some, techy to others. But beautiful to all. 

The gemstone globe is a work of art, a centerpiece. A work of art that will impress. 

Luckies 8 inch Scratch Off Globe

Luckies is known for inventing the scratch-off map. Many companies now offer scratch off maps with different features, styles, and colors. However, only one scratch off globe is on the market, Luckies 3D Globe Scratch Map.

The 3D Globe has scratchable foil over the landmasses allowing you to personalize the globe scratching off the places you have visited, want to visit or have learned about.

Putting the 3D Globe together is quite easy and is actually a lot of fun. The skeleton of the Globe fits together into sloths and then the scratchable map lays on top like the peal of an orange.


How many pieces do Luckies scratch off globe come in?

The 3D globe has 18 pieces, they fit together using slots and groves.

Is Luckies Scratch off globe hard to put together?

Part of the fun of Luckies scratch off globe is that you get to put it together. Assemble is very user-friendly and suitable for a child. No glue is required and can be assembled in about 10 mins.

What colors is Luckies Scratch off globe available in?

Luckies scratch off 3D Globe is available in a white theme only.

What is something comparable in size to Luckies Scratch off globe?

Luckies Scratch off globe has a diameter of 8 inches or 20 centimeters. This is about the same size as a soccer ball (just a bit smaller).

Globe With Magnetic Surface And Pins

  • The perfect gift for the world traveler, this globe comes with magnetic markers.
  • Place the magnetic pins anywhere on the globe and take pride in your globe trekking.
  • This 10-inch globe comes with 40 pins equally assorted in three colors, and an overall height of 13 inches.

Floating Globe is suspended in mid-air by magnetic

The floating globe is probably one of the coolest things I have seen.

Seeing this globe levitate is like witnessing magic! But it is not magic, it is floating on a magnetic field.

There are a few different suppliers of this product, I like this one because it has all these features.

  • Large size (6 inches)
  • Easy to float from a single base
  • Has a light
  • Rotates (apx 1 rotation per 15 seconds)
  • Constellations appear in the dark

Illuminated Globe With Lots of Detail

  • Educational globe with 5000 Place Names and Points of Interest
  • Displays Continental Shelf
  • Ocean Currents and Underwater Ocean Floor Topography
  • Easy to Read
  • Illuminated with LED and powered by USB

Solar Powered Rotating Globe

  • No plug or switch needed, automatical starts to rotate when the sun comes up or you turn the lights on.
  • Rotates once about every 40 seconds.
  • Many different styles of earth available, including different color themes.
  • Available as a realistic view from outer space.
  • Mars, Venus, the Moon and more also available.

Gemstone Globe

  • 30 different semi-precious gemstones.
  • Dramatic hand-crafted stonework, many people say the pictures do not do it justice.
  • The overall height is 14 inches and a 9-inch diameter
  • The stand is designed to provide a duel swirl, allowing any part of the globe to be visible from a single point of view

Do you have a globe that should be on this list?

Let me know in the comments.

Unique Globes of the world

Ever wonder about the history of the globe as we know it? check out


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