Scratch Off Maps and Bucket List for Kids

Scratch Off Maps and Bucket List for Kids

How to get your kid interested in something

Having a hobby or interest as a child is a great way to build a child’s confidence. So how do you make it interesting so your child will want to take part? Make it…

  • Fun – It is always easy to take part in something the is fun
  • Interactive – Getting involved ensures that you own it
  • Visual – Having a visual reference is helpful, “a picture is worth 1000 words”

Having a well-rounded field of interest is important. Kids these days love to play video games and waste time on social media. Although it may be inevitable that kids will continue this behavior it would be nice for them to have a hobby or interest that is grounded in the real world.

Scratch Off Bucket List Poster

Life experience will develop everyone’s personality differently. Practice focuses and setting goals with a list of 100 tasks. Surely some of these tasks will require you to do things that you would have never thought of.

The 100 Bucket List Junior Edition is a beautiful scratch off bucket list poster for kids. This poster is divided into 4 sections of 25. Of course, modifications can be made to accommodate the child’s age or abilities.

Each section has a theme, see below for a couple example of each.

  1. My Findings Section. In this section, you will find bucket items such as “Show mom the big dipper in the night sky” and “Eat a bowl of rice with chopsticks”
  2. My Masterpieces Section. MyMasterpieces include “Write a song”, “Show a classmate a magic trick”‘, and “Make a friendship bracelet” to mention a few.
  3. My Achievements Section. Taking pride in achievement is rewarding. How about “Read a book”, or “Do five pull-ups” to earn another spot on the poster.
  4. My Records Sections. Sometimes we forget that everyone has to start somewhere. Everyone has a personal best. Have you ever “Bowl a strike” or “Go for a one-hour bike ride”?

Scratch Off Map of the USA with Landmarks and National Parks

Family vacations and road trips are especially special. This is a great opportunity to get out of your daily routine and experience new places, National/State Parks or see Landmarks.

The United States has so much to see and do. Each state has its own personality and things that are associated with it.

This Scratch Off Map of the USA has a lot to offer

  1. You can scratch off the States that you Visit.
  2. You can scratch off adventures (non-location specific).
  3. You can scratch off Landmarks.
  4. You can also add sticker, flags, and pins to the map to illustrate your personal experience.

Scratch Off List of 100 Books

Great books and stories often have a message or a life lesson that changes how the reader looks at the world.

Reading is something that you get better at and becomes more enjoyable over time. This is why it is important to start early with easy books and continue with more difficult and complex books.

This scratch-off list of 100 books has something for any age. I think because of the span of skill levels included in this list, this is a poster that a kid could work on over the timeline of their childhood.

See The Full List of Books Here

Travel Journal with Scratch Off Mini Maps

Once a person journals on a trip you will always journal on your vacations. I know this because I experienced how addictive it is when I journaled a road trip to Yellowstone National Park.

On the 1st day, I had such an amazing experience of someone paying it forward I decided to document it in a journal and continued to journal for the rest of the trip.

I love to look back on those words and jog my memory, details come back that otherwise would have been gone forever.

This unique journal comes in 3 colors, has 64 pages, and 8 regions scratch off maps.

Delay gratification and working towards a goal

Delaying gratification is when you can delay a small but immediate reward to get a bigger reward in the future. Researchers have shown that this ability is reflective of overall success in a child’s life.

An everyday example of working towards a big goal would be a child’s foresight to study for a test, so they can get good marks, so they can have an overall 80% average. The opposite of that would be to play a video game for instant feel-good feeling.

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