Super big wall map. What is a wall mural?

Super big wall map. What is a wall mural?

The word mural means a piece of art that attaches directly to a wall or ceiling. (this also includes being painted on the wall itself). On this page, I will explore questions and aspects of wall murals.

Is a wall map mural one piece?

Wall map murals that are easily available online come in 1 to 8 pieces that fit together to make the full picture. The number of sections depends on the size of the mural and the manufacturer.

What is the largest wall map mural?

The largest wall map mural is 166” x 112”. See it here. But this may be bigger than is necessary. In most homes, the main floor wall is about 96 inches high and bedroom walls about 90 inches high.

What is the wall map mural made out of?

Most wall map mural is made of a paper that is very similar to wallpaper. The paper gauge will vary a bit between manufacturers, but most will be 100gsm to 150gsm. For comparison, photocopy paper is 80gsm and a newspaper is 50gsm.

How does the wall map mural attach to the wall?

This depends on the manufacturer. Some murals will attach to the wall with wallpaper glue. Other murals are made on a peel and stick paper and the third possibility is to tack the mural on the wall.

Is the wall map mural hard to attach to the wall?

Generally speaking, installing a wall mural is a project is that almost anyone would feel comfortable taking on. The materials are forgiving and the nature of the process is easy to understand.

Before you install the mural compare the size of your mural to the size of the wall. Will your mural have to be trimmed off the height or width? Or does your mural have to be centered in your space?


Here is an example of what to expect when installing a wall mural

Example 1. The mural will be trimmed down to fit your space. In this example let’s assume that the mural is in six sections and is to will have to be trimmed to fit your space (both height and width). First, you will have to determine the order of the sections. From left to right assign each piece with a number 1 through 6. Our mural is 6 sections so the center of the mural will be between section 3 and 4. (The right edge of section 3 or the left edge of section 4).

Secondly, you will want to find the center of your wall. Use a measuring tape to get the full width and then divide that by two to get the center. Make a mark on the center of your wall and use a plumb or a level to draw a perfectly plumb pencil mark from the floor to the ceiling. This line will be your guide to get the first section of the mural on the wall straight and then the remaining pieces will be installed using the first piece as a guide. Some murals will be designed to overlap if you have this style adjust your centerline to accommodate.

Thirdly, you will have to determine what the center of the mural will be from top to bottom. This will determine what will be trimmed off the top and bottom of the mural.

Tip: Trim the top of the mural before you apply glue, this is because the top of the mural has to fit into a 90-degree angle. (where your wall meets your ceiling). This corner highly visible when the mural is fully installed. The bottom of the mural is easier to cut. The bottom section of the mural will be cut at the top of the baseboard. This can be done after the section is placed on the wall using a box cutter knife and the edge of the baseboard as a guide.

Forty, now that you have your first section in place, continue with each remaining section, using the edge of the previous section as a guide to plumb.

Lastly. Section 1 and 6 will have to be trimmed down to fit a perpendicular wall. This will not necessarily be a straight line so use your measuring tape to measure the top and bottom to the remaining width and make necessary adjustments in your vertical cut.

Example 2. In this example, we will assume that you will be using all the mural and centering it on a wall that is larger than the mural.

Find the center of where you want your mural to be. This is not necessarily the center of the room but maybe the center of a bed that is in the room. 

From that center line, you will work out to the left and right. Because the wall is bigger than the mural you will not have to trim any of the widths of the materials supplied. 


Why are most map murals sold in sections?

A large mural is usually printed on 6-8 sections that fit together to make the picture whole. Having the mural in sections make it inexpensive and possible to ship easily. It also makes the mural much easier to install.

Will the mural damage the wall?

Yes. If you are using wallpaper glue to install a wall mural it will take quite a bit of effort to remove the mural off the wall. This removal usually involves pulling off any large pieces first and then removing small pieces with warm water and a scraper. Some products are on the market to assist with the dissolving of the glue for removal. The wall will have to be repainted to cover imperfections caused by the glue and/or removal process of the mural.

Can I reuse a wall mural?

No, A wallpaper or glue-on mural is not reusable. Once you want to remove the mural it will surely be damaged.

What will ensure good results installing a wall mural?

To ensure a good result while installing your mural make sure you prepare yourself with both knowledge and materials.

1. Read the instructions. Assess what materials you will need that are not included (if any) and have developed an understanding of how the job of hanging the mural will be executed.

2. Do you need a helping hand to hang the wall mural? The separate pieces of the mural can be quite large and maybe a helper will make the job much easier.

3. Allow yourself space to work. Move any obstacles away from the wall that you will be placing the mural on. Additionally, you may need space to lay out the sections of the mural to measure and trim.

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